Are footballers worth their weight in goals?

13 06 2011


by Tom and Hari

The overpayment of footballers is one of great discussion within the general public. Many football clubs are millions of pounds in debt, however they can still happen to fork out millions of pounds to buy and pay players at their club. And while these clubs are handing out millions many people in low economy countries can hardly afford to have a meal, clubs and players are splashing out on a new car or house on a daily basis. For example, David Beckham is on £500,000 a week at L.A. Galaxy and that amounts to £28,000,000 a year. Football is different to tennis or any other sport as in these categories players have to do well to get a cash payout.

 Many owners of football clubs in this country are not British and they are using money from their business for example oil. However, clubs that are in debt are using the banks’ money to hand out millions of pounds a week, which is what happened with the Glaziers at Manchester United and Tom Hicks and George Gillette at Liverpool and we wonder why we are in a recession.

 If these clubs stopped putting heavy price tags on players and paying high wages, then maybe this recession would end quicker. Or if they can’t stop their dramatic spending sprees, then the least they could do is hand a little to companies that aim to help these people living in slums and back streets not being able to afford a proper meal.

 However, many clubs would disagree with our argument as it has been said that a handful of clubs use over 100% of their funds on player salaries and do not have enough left to donate to charities. And even if they did have some spare money, they are forced to use it on purchases to give their club a competitive shot at silverware as other teams around them also regularly improve their squads.

 Despite this, how did we reach a situation where footballers get paid more then people who do jobs that help the world more… ?




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