Empty town centre or the Trafford Centre?

17 06 2011

by Sophie and Chloe






Do you shop in your local city centre or do you prefer handy retail parks? Retail parks are convenient and local, plus they have all your favourite high street shops but they are causing customer numbers in city centres to drop. Shops are closing down in City Centres and moving to retail parks as they are more convenient. Because of this, city centres are becoming ghost towns! Would you like this to continue?

Retail parks numbers will climb by 23% in the next 5 years whilst the number of shops in city centres will not rise at all, especially in Leicester, London and Bristol. Shops are also moving as retail parks are cheaper and larger.

City councils are worrying as the cities are emptying, although some are filling up with bars and restaurants instead of shops. Nowadays retail parks consist of typical shops such as furniture shops like DFS, ScS and Land of Leather. There are also many average priced clothing stores, such as  Next, TK MAXX and Matalan. This is helpful for busy people or people who live away from cities although for people who live near cities it is becoming a problem. We think that although retail parks are great for busy days or after school shopping, city centres are good too. We enjoy visiting city centres and going shopping with our friends so it’s down to you. Are you ready to ditch the High Street?




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