This Theme Park Towers Above the Rest

17 06 2011

by Zoe and Mollie

We went to Alton Towers on the 11th June, 2011.

When we arrived we had to take the monorail to get to the front door. On arriving at the front door we collected our tickets and Mollie’s mum and dad very kindly bought us fast-tracks (thank you Mollie’s mum and dad!).

The first ride we survived was th13teen; it was quite scary (in fact it was horrible!). We think it was worth it even though we had to wait 1 hour.

After that we went on was Air, which Mollie and Zoe thought was the best! Zoe, John (Mollie’s dad) Mollie and Nia were supposed to go on Nemesis, but Mollie and Nia got scared and didn’t!

Mollie, Nia and Laura went on the Blade instead (Nia thought she was going to fall off and die!)

Next we went to Duel, where we had to shoot people (Mollie got scared of the -huge – fake spiders!). Zoe won with 29600 points, after which we bought waffles and pictures.

Following that, we went to Enterprise. We went on it twice because it was amazing. Unfortunately we didn’t go on Oblivion because they were taking a carriage off and wouldn’t let anyone on.

Then we went on the rapids and some EVIL, ancient women chucked water at us! After all that, filled with adrenaline, we went home…




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