Give street dance a chance!

17 06 2011


 Ok so I love street dance and I have been doing it for about 2 years. Lucy and I started first at Shotton Lane Club and there we had many teams like Existence and Rapture Crew. We eventually moved to the Navy Club and we are staying there now.

I attend two street dance clubs: one in school and one called Urban Fusion. I started school street dance at the very start of year 7 and I’m still doing it now.

I have many medals from coming 3rd and 4th in Urban Fusion and we even came 2nd recently in the school. Sadly, in our most recent competition we didn’t get placed as we were up against tough teams.

We have met people like Turbo, BB, Lee C, Chuck and at our recent competition The Shockerellas from Got to Dance were there.

We have been a lot of places like Cardiff, Prestatyn, Bradford, Wrexham and many more.

Our next school competition is in December and we have some great new ideas. We have lots of rehearsals,  street dance parties and can do many break dance tricks like the baby freeze.

I love dancing so much and I’m never going to quit!


I have been doing street dance for just over a year at the school street dance club and I am really enjoying it. A few months ago I started going to Urban Fusion dance school with Lucy and Keisha! I have been in teams like Synergy and Alter Ego and have got a few medals.

Most recently we had the School Dance Championships where we came 2nd and qualified for the National Finals in December. Hopefully we will then qualify for the European Finals inParis!

I had been interested in street dance for a long time before I joined any clubs and I am glad I started because I have got to go to loads of different places and competitions and had lots of fun! I really love going to street dance and hope to continue in the future!




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