Has Wimble”done” for Andy Murray?

19 06 2011

by Tom and Hari

After beating Jo Wilfred Tsonga to the ATP Queens Tennis Trophy, Andy Murray looks in good shape for the Wimbledon. And what a good time to be in good shape as it is Wimbledon’s 125th Anniversary this year.

Every year, we Brits pray that a fellow countryman can pick up the famous trophy. But every year they seem to disappoint our hopes. And every year we still ask the question “Will it be this year?”

Murray came close last year to making his first Wimbledon final, but he was beaten by Andy Roddick who went on to be beaten by Rafael Nadal in the final. This is ironic as Murray beat Roddick during Queens in straight sets. Is he on for a top finish this year?

Winning at Queens for the 2nd time in three years, Murray looks good on home turf. But every year, he still seems to disappoint. Is it the amount of pressure we put on Brits to win on home turf? Top tennis players like Nadal are not pressured on home turf; they are welcomed and cheered on to do their best. Are we the reason that Murray has never claimed a grand slam title?

We hope it’ll be different this year; Murray looks in the best form of his career. Murray is seeded 4th for Wimbledon; therefore there, in theory, are only three players that can beat him: Nadal, Djokovic and Federer. Are these the only obstacles to himwinning the Wimbledon title? Or is he his own biggest obstacle?






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