Room 666 Part 1

19 06 2011

by Joy and Gemma

Silence. I had been waiting now for two silent minutes. It was my new room. I hated it. Webs clung from the damp window sills and the water from the slushy rain was dripping through the gaps in the ceiling. I tried again just to make sure. ‘Anyone….anyone here?’

I didn’t know what to expect at that time, but what came next I will never forget…

White shadows filled the room with dim light and voices filled the room with unheard fear. I jumped out of bed, trying to reach the small rotten door, but the shadows pushed me back, throwing me on the hard floor. My sore head was swirling with wild ideas on how to escape the deadly room. I knew there was only one thing I could do then….. the window. Though there was a 20 floor drop, I had to; I had no choice. It was like they were pushing me nearer and nearer. I jumped. Silence. The last thought I remember thinking was, ‘Will I escape at all…..or even will I escape alive?’

End of part 1




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