Joy-ful Music

20 06 2011

by Joy

So you think cornets aren’t cool? It’s a lot harder then you think to play one. Read this and find out!

Cornets are sooo cool. Read this now and see an amazing story.

I started my cornet in Year 3, getting an award a year later for the best improvement. By year 5 I was in 2 bands, (Flintshire Beginners and the school band). I then took my second and third exam, scoring merit on both, which is a fairly good pass. In year 6, I joined the Intermediate Flintshire Band doing concerts nearly every week.

Some time into Year 6 I joined the Northop Training Band but on the drums, (which I was also learning at the time). In Year 7 I took grade 4 and 5 theory exams getting passes in both and then I joined the Flintshire Senior Band. The band went to Prague and then France and then Italy, but the most important one was when we went to Scotland and I’ve had to do solos.

This year I won a competition in Llandudno in the Northop Training Band with the best soloist, percussion, and our band won.




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