Natioal Street Dance Competition

27 06 2011

by Rhian and Steph


We couldn’t wait to go on as we stood with our team at the side of the stage. We were so nervous and anxious that our hearts pounded rapidly. Now we were called out and we steadily positioned ourselves in our first Weormation. We stared out into the crowd and there we saw our mums and dad ssmiling back at us cheering us on. This was enough to boost our confidence.

The music started. We counted slowly…1…2…3…4. Now we  sharply looked up and, smiling at our parents still cheering uson, we danced my heart sout and showed the competition where they could go.

The judges stared in amazement and grinned as they sang and danced along with us. Finally the dance ended and as we waited for the applause we were shocked at the massive impact that occurred next. We were expecting a round of applause but we got much more than that. We were given a standing ovation and every head in the room wore a beaming smile – all apart from the opposition who seemed worried or gave us a calm “congratulations” as we excitedly walked off the stage.

Then we sat anxiously waiting for the final results. It started in 5th then 4th then 3rd and our name still wasn’t heard. Terror struck and we feared we hadn’t made the top 5. We sunk back in our seats, disappointment written on our faces. Next was 2nd place. We gazed around the room, staring hard at the other teams and slowly waited for the result. “In second place and going through to the national finals are…” We couldn’t compete with the other teams as we thought of how good their dance was compared.

The tension seemed to last forever until finally it was announced that 2nd place had gone to…US! The shock was such amazement that, without thinking, we raced on stage and medals were flung at us wildly. The cameras flashed uncontrollably in every direction. The 2nd place trophy was outstanding and shining gold and a small engravement was placed on a small plaque at the bottom – 2nd place in UDO 2011. The thrill of taking home the trophy was extraordinary.

So when the nationals come around – we’ll see who comes 1st then…




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