Who wrote all the pi?

27 06 2011

by Mr. Jones

Pi poems use the mathematical concept of pi (3.14159) as their structure, with each line being made up of a specific number of words following the sequence of numbers in pi.  For example, the first line must have 3 words, the second has 1, the third 4, etc, until the last line which has 9.

No reason. The poems don’t have to have anything to do with Maths at all. It just seems to produce some intersting poetry, which makes the writer think particularly about how the structure of the poem could be used to add extra meaning beyond just the words used.

Easy as pi.

We went into the Dell (the woodland area behind our school) and used it as inspiration for some pi poems. Here’s one of mine to start off with. There should be more from 8A1 to follow…


Corrugated metal hands
The stream into shape.
Victory for this man-made control.
But slowly, gradually, unhurriedly, inevitably, the water will win.



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