Empty town centre or the Trafford Centre?

17 06 2011

by Sophie and Chloe






Do you shop in your local city centre or do you prefer handy retail parks? Retail parks are convenient and local, plus they have all your favourite high street shops but they are causing customer numbers in city centres to drop. Shops are closing down in City Centres and moving to retail parks as they are more convenient. Because of this, city centres are becoming ghost towns! Would you like this to continue?

Retail parks numbers will climb by 23% in the next 5 years whilst the number of shops in city centres will not rise at all, especially in Leicester, London and Bristol. Shops are also moving as retail parks are cheaper and larger.

City councils are worrying as the cities are emptying, although some are filling up with bars and restaurants instead of shops. Nowadays retail parks consist of typical shops such as furniture shops like DFS, ScS and Land of Leather. There are also many average priced clothing stores, such as  Next, TK MAXX and Matalan. This is helpful for busy people or people who live away from cities although for people who live near cities it is becoming a problem. We think that although retail parks are great for busy days or after school shopping, city centres are good too. We enjoy visiting city centres and going shopping with our friends so it’s down to you. Are you ready to ditch the High Street?


So you think you can street dance?

17 06 2011

by Sophie

You are fast. You think you can dance fast enough. But there’s one kind of dance that is too fast for you… STREET DANCE!!

Dancing is easy, is it? Read this and see the commitment and energy you need.

First of all you need to be committed and get your head in to it. You need to give all of your effort and try your best .

It’s not all about the commitment thought . You also need the energy , the strength and the determination to dance! But most of all you need to be confident and believe in yourself. Street dance takes a lot of practice and hard work, but that feeling when you’re on the stage performing is AMAZING!!

In street dance you can learn a lot of things such as body popping, tutting, single moves, or just simply STREET DANCING!

This Theme Park Towers Above the Rest

17 06 2011

by Zoe and Mollie

We went to Alton Towers on the 11th June, 2011.

When we arrived we had to take the monorail to get to the front door. On arriving at the front door we collected our tickets and Mollie’s mum and dad very kindly bought us fast-tracks (thank you Mollie’s mum and dad!).

The first ride we survived was th13teen; it was quite scary (in fact it was horrible!). We think it was worth it even though we had to wait 1 hour.

After that we went on was Air, which Mollie and Zoe thought was the best! Zoe, John (Mollie’s dad) Mollie and Nia were supposed to go on Nemesis, but Mollie and Nia got scared and didn’t!

Mollie, Nia and Laura went on the Blade instead (Nia thought she was going to fall off and die!)

Next we went to Duel, where we had to shoot people (Mollie got scared of the -huge – fake spiders!). Zoe won with 29600 points, after which we bought waffles and pictures.

Following that, we went to Enterprise. We went on it twice because it was amazing. Unfortunately we didn’t go on Oblivion because they were taking a carriage off and wouldn’t let anyone on.

Then we went on the rapids and some EVIL, ancient women chucked water at us! After all that, filled with adrenaline, we went home…

Give street dance a chance!

17 06 2011


 Ok so I love street dance and I have been doing it for about 2 years. Lucy and I started first at Shotton Lane Club and there we had many teams like Existence and Rapture Crew. We eventually moved to the Navy Club and we are staying there now.

I attend two street dance clubs: one in school and one called Urban Fusion. I started school street dance at the very start of year 7 and I’m still doing it now.

I have many medals from coming 3rd and 4th in Urban Fusion and we even came 2nd recently in the school. Sadly, in our most recent competition we didn’t get placed as we were up against tough teams.

We have met people like Turbo, BB, Lee C, Chuck and at our recent competition The Shockerellas from Got to Dance were there.

We have been a lot of places like Cardiff, Prestatyn, Bradford, Wrexham and many more.

Our next school competition is in December and we have some great new ideas. We have lots of rehearsals,  street dance parties and can do many break dance tricks like the baby freeze.

I love dancing so much and I’m never going to quit!


I have been doing street dance for just over a year at the school street dance club and I am really enjoying it. A few months ago I started going to Urban Fusion dance school with Lucy and Keisha! I have been in teams like Synergy and Alter Ego and have got a few medals.

Most recently we had the School Dance Championships where we came 2nd and qualified for the National Finals in December. Hopefully we will then qualify for the European Finals inParis!

I had been interested in street dance for a long time before I joined any clubs and I am glad I started because I have got to go to loads of different places and competitions and had lots of fun! I really love going to street dance and hope to continue in the future!

Netball’s not for wimps!

17 06 2011

by Gemma

For all the boys who think that netball is a soft game just for girls: WRONG!!

Netball is the best game ever and just because girls tend to play it, it doesn’t mean that boys can’t and just because there’s no blood it doesn’t mean it’s a soft game.

Netball requires multi-tasking which I don’t think boys are good at. Prove me wrong, boys!  Netball is a fast, energetic game whereas in football all you do is kick a ball around.

I have won awards and medals and trust me it wasn’t easy; there was a bit of blood and a lot of action and fun!

So come on lads, if you’re not a coward then let’s see you play it. If you’re good I’ll tell you!

I bet you’re not better than the girls………prove the girls wrong….

Airsofting. It’s not for airsofties

16 06 2011

By Ross

Airsofting is a fun-filled day for the whole family or just by yourself. Whether you’re 13 or 50 it doesn’t matter; it’s still a lot of fun.

 Airsofting is the same experience as paintballing, but there’s a difference. This is that in paintballing they shoot (you guessed it) gas-propelled paint, but in airsoft we shoot 6mm BB’s (plastic pellets) which are nearly the same size as a ball-bearing.

 If you’ve played Call of Duty or Battlefield and would like to have the same experience without being (sort of) killed, this is perfect for YOU!

 If you live in Flintshire, one of the closest places is Alpha 55 at Halkyn. To find out more follow this link to their website: http://www.alpha55.co.uk/halkyn.html

 This is one of the best sites, most probably the best airsoft site I’ve been to and for such a cheap price, only £20 for all day including lunch, kit hire (gun, face protection and the 2 piece oversuit).

 If you’re interested in which type of gun you will be given, there are three choices: the AK47 BSpetsnaz, the AK47 and the G36C. You may also use your own gun if you wish but the rules are if you’re under 18 you must have a two tone gun (a gun which doesn’t look like a real one, for legal reasons) or use their own.


If you are older you can use the non two tone replicas. If you own a BB/Airsoft sniper rifle and the FPS (feet per second) is over 400 you must be at least 30 metres away when shooting .This is for yours and your opponents’ safety.

 Hope to see you airsofting soon!

Are footballers worth their weight in goals?

13 06 2011


by Tom and Hari

The overpayment of footballers is one of great discussion within the general public. Many football clubs are millions of pounds in debt, however they can still happen to fork out millions of pounds to buy and pay players at their club. And while these clubs are handing out millions many people in low economy countries can hardly afford to have a meal, clubs and players are splashing out on a new car or house on a daily basis. For example, David Beckham is on £500,000 a week at L.A. Galaxy and that amounts to £28,000,000 a year. Football is different to tennis or any other sport as in these categories players have to do well to get a cash payout.

 Many owners of football clubs in this country are not British and they are using money from their business for example oil. However, clubs that are in debt are using the banks’ money to hand out millions of pounds a week, which is what happened with the Glaziers at Manchester United and Tom Hicks and George Gillette at Liverpool and we wonder why we are in a recession.

 If these clubs stopped putting heavy price tags on players and paying high wages, then maybe this recession would end quicker. Or if they can’t stop their dramatic spending sprees, then the least they could do is hand a little to companies that aim to help these people living in slums and back streets not being able to afford a proper meal.

 However, many clubs would disagree with our argument as it has been said that a handful of clubs use over 100% of their funds on player salaries and do not have enough left to donate to charities. And even if they did have some spare money, they are forced to use it on purchases to give their club a competitive shot at silverware as other teams around them also regularly improve their squads.

 Despite this, how did we reach a situation where footballers get paid more then people who do jobs that help the world more… ?